Methods of Carpet Cleaning

denver-cleaning-carpetThe carpet cleaning companies use different methods of carpet and carpet cleaning to clean a house. Each cleaning process has its own advantages and disadvantages. But how do you choose between them? Comment on the pros and cons before you decide which method to use to clean your carpet.Log On: Tile bellevue

Wet cleaning or cleaning: Basically carpet cleaning methods can be divided into one of two categories. Dry carpet cleaning includes plotted against buffer or rotating rollers, the use of chemicals or foam by special machines with brushes.

  1. Wet cleaning

carpet-cleaning-methodIt is known that the production of hot water or steam cleaning, the carpet is first preconditioned by a chemical reagent, the substances from the soil and oil-based liquefied which are present in the carpet fibers.

  • It leaves the mud at the bottom of the carpet.
  • It allows the use of high temperatures, pressures and chemical concentrates.
  • Permits residence of cleaning solutions for the reaction prolonged.
  • Chemical reactivity suction tool provided by stirring or care.
  • The most widely used method.
  • Recommended by carpet manufacturers and experts in the cleaning industry professionals.
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  • Relatively long drying time, but this can involve the use of powerful computers that are reduced by technicians.
  • Expensive equipment is typically required for maximum efficiency.
  • Relatively high cost factors.
  1. Cleaning with an absorbent pad

This method of carpet cleaning is also known as the cleaning of the hood in general and is most commonly used for regular maintenance of the light used garage door repair. It can also be used for the cleaning of carpets regularly. The carpet is shot first and then a chemical solution is sprayed on it with a hand pump or electric sprayer. The absorbent pad or a cover, which looks like a towel, arranged in the drive in order to block a

Carpet Cleaning Londonpolishing machine and spun onto the carpet surface from 100 to 300 revolutions per minute.


  • Cleaning the upper third of the carpet fibers, not able to reach deeper.
  • Let dirt and chemicals get accumulated in the bottom of the carpet fibers.
  1. Dry cleaner with absorbent compound

A powder is mixed with specific solvents and cleaning agents is extended on the carpet and then worked into the carpet fibers with a sun-machine brush rotate in opposite directions. The dust absorbs soil on the carpet fibers. It is then kept for 10 to 15 minutes, which is normal.

  • Very simple, without special technical training correspondent.
  • Very fast drying, typically takes only about 20 minutes before the carpet can be put back into operation.


  • The dust can be captured in plush carpet and collected in the left over time.
  • It can cause an accumulation of dust in the house.
  • You cannot deep clean the carpet.
  1. Dry foam or a method of shampoo rotation

A cleaning agent is applied to the mat to stop dirt and debris on the carpet, then paddling in carpet9the foam and then works by turning a special machine in the carpet fibers with brushes. After a short residence time of the foam is removed by a vacuum.

  • Fast, easy to implement and inexpensive.
  • Rotating brushes provide excellent excitement.
  • A small amount of moisture allows rapid drying of the carpet.


  • You cannot remove of soil below the surface of the carpet.
  • High temperatures are generally not achieved.